Advantage Database Server from Sybase a member of the SAP group.

SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, easily embeddable, high performance client/server data management system specifically designed to meet the needs of business application developers. Advantage is unique among the SAP database offerings in that it provides both Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) table-based and SQL-based data access, providing a growth path for database applications to utilise enterprise-calibre feature sets. 

Advantage Database Server is available in two main versions. Advantage Local Server (ALS) is a FREE file/server database. Advantage Database Server (ADS) is the flagship true client/server database product. The same code based is used for both products providing scalability and a growth path for the database to grow as your application and business grows. 

ADS is a database server that maintains bespoke databases with built-in redundancy and integrity. Using the server/client relationship means only that data needed on the client computer is transferred across the network, thus speeding up performance. ADS is fast and of low overhead. It uses its own database, which can be encrypted to further safeguard your data.

 We use ADS as the base for all our database application development. Cost wise it it beats the competition to a tee. Please ask for pricing to compare.

 As mentioned above Beilby Computing uses ADS for database development. We will only to pleased to talk to you about developing an application for your company.

 Please note: ALS does nor have the integrity, security and robustness of ADS. If you want data integrity along with durability we recommend you purchase the ADS version of the product.