We are pleased to offer the following services to clients. This information is kept brief deliberately so as not to bore you. Please contact us for more information.



Beilby Computing offers computer, network and internet consultancy ot all levels from business analysis, hardware and software selection and installation to post-sales support and consultancy. Whatever you, as the client, have in mind Beilby Computing will advise you on your options.


Security, including anti-virus, firewall and virus removal

Web site, computer and network attacks are common place these days. Your data is the most valuable asset you have; without it your business will flounder. Beilby Computing can advise on the most suitable options for your business and operations. This can vary from anti-virus software and firewall to fully synchronised security or both. Back-up of your data is crucial, so ensure is sound and usable. Beilby Computing recommends Sophos and Retrospect to protect your data and systems.

We have a free password generator for you to use. It is totally free and runs on your own computer generating a secure password that is never automatically stored anywhere. Please contact us for a link to download the program.


Software Development

Beilby Computing will design, write and implement bespoke for you using the popular Delphi programming language.  All we need from you is a functional specification and typical test data and then you can leave it all to us to complete the project for you. We currently have 2 products designed and written that are available now: Invoice Calculation Engine (ICE) for stock control and order processing; and Bookings for holiday cottage management.


Networking, Internet and Web Site

The topography of networks can be a minefield; so let Beilby Computing help you with this. We can design and implement your own computer network for you.

The internet is not always plain sailing, so let us help you with it. Whilst on the subject Beilby Computing will design and launch your web site for you. The content is yours and will remain so, we just ask you to supply that content and to let us know how you would like it presented.


Data Recovery

From a hard disc failure to ransomware encryption, there are ways and means to recover your data and systems. The exercise of data recovery may seem expensive, but, it is your invaluable data that we are recovering.